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12 Steps To Beat Failure

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12 Steps To Beat Failure was borne out of inspiration and wealth of experiences gathered while growing up in the lowest form of existence. It contains modest approaches on how to level the mountains of life using well experimented ideologies.
For you to succeed in life, it does not depend solely on your foundation but your ability to uncover opportunities and identify them as they appear: your ability to envisage success in everything you do before it comes: your determination to remain undeterred in the face of storms and your ability to stick tenaciously to what you believe - don’t quit.
For one to record improvement in whatever one does, there is absolutely a need for him/her to desire to be better than who he/she was yesterday. You must quest for a change. You cannot continue to do similar thing always and expect dissimilar result. Your burning desire to get things working as expected will compel you to quit your comfort zone.
At this juncture, you are naturally bound to encounter opposition that will either make or mar you. Be determined in your resolutions and never give room for detractors to derail you. They must surely want to offer their suggestions. Scrutinize their ideas, pick those ones that are in line with your change agenda and keep moving until you arrive at your destination.
Never be afraid to fail because failure is part of existence- it uncovers ways in which your dreams or aspirations could not be realized.
In a similar development, trying to shortcut your way to the top will make you inadequate in the process of defending your victory or success. And for life to be interesting, it must be built on experiences. You will agree with me that an interesting football match is the one that has experienced teams at both end of the pitch. Try to do it yourself, it pays. Do not allow defeat to drain your mental excitation. Failure emanates from the heart.

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