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Social Intelligence for Toddlers: How to Get Your Toddlers to Start Learning Social Skills & Empathy

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Powerful ways to cultivate social intelligence in toddlers

The extent of social intelligence a toddler develops will depend on the effort you make as a parent. Unfortunately, most parents have failed to see the essence of teaching kids, especially toddlers, social intelligence, which is very important to the rate at which they accumulate and interpret knowledge and experiences. Kids with better social intelligence find it easier to thrive even in the absence of their parents, they learn responsibility faster and tend to be better in solving problems or resolving conflicts.

This book consists of different methods and patterns of teaching social intelligence to toddlers with less stress, and apparently by spending a minimum amount time possible. There are several social-skill-ideas on file to help you in determining the extent at which you want your kid to grow mentally and physically.

“Emotional and social intelligence work hand in hand. Since any defect in emotional intelligence will affect the state of a kid’s social intelligence, we have provided strategies that will at the same time build your child’s social intelligence and at the same time honing his emotional intelligence.

These strategies begin from building a healthy relationship with your children, bonding or connecting on a higher emotional level, and then providing them with the proper instructions and autosuggestions that will bring about instant and constant improvement in their social dispositions.”

You are also going to learn:

Cultivating social skills in toddlers Strategies for recognizing and understanding behaviors Building relationship within and without Learning ways to express themselves with confidence and clarity How kids can deal with social anxiety and shyness Honing your kid’s interaction ability Memory and skill stimulation strategies How to build empathy in kids Teaching kids how to relate with adults The ultimate rules for parenting a toddler

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