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Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Master Edition

420 pages18 hours


*Includes the gruesome albeit heroic tales of the Early Christian Martyrs, and 20th century martyrdom. This book's meant to target the addict who's fallen so deep within the pits of hell they've ran out of options and require upmost assistance. (the omnipotent source). Yet, it surprisingly relates and opens the eyes of anyone merely suffering from stress or depression; particularly as a cause of our deceptive society we live amongst. This book's far more than a unique and relatable approach at using Christianity, as the author understands many who don't use this path aren't in need of turning in that direction. Thereupon, F&K ft. historic/modern sociology,etc. This book attracts non-believer's unlike anything else. Written by an addict involved in the deepest levels of the life-style for 20years, this book presents an unimaginable variety of sources and topics. The time has come to toss the N/A book straight into the trash. Ft.For the Non-Believers/If God's Not Real: Christian Philosophy vs. Positive Thinking

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