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Flirting With Death

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Detective Richard Young is a Chicago detective who works for a squad that plays by a different set of rules, and this is evident once he encounters Jamie Perez. The story quickly unfolds once he discovers that Jamie is Julie Wilson's niece.

Julie Wilson is the criminal mastermind that was put behind bars by Richard and his crew. However, now that she's out of jail, Richard knows she's going to be vengeful, so with Jamie coming out of the woodworks at the same time as Julie's release, he's a little skeptical about the things she says and the actions she takes. It brings the question to mind: is she genuine or is she toying with him for the satisfaction of her aunt.

Not only does he discover that Jamie is Julie's niece, but the truth is also revealed about his girlfriend, Madison Miller, and his partner/best-friend, Jared Hubbard.

Richard's friendships and ability to work through controversy will be put to the test. Will he be able to push through?

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