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This title takes the form of a mixture of aphorisms and maxims, or brief discursive observations on a variety of subjects of interest or concern to the author, coupled to numbered sequences of systematically-structured conclusions about salient aspects of the overall philosophy which succeed those parts (one and three) specifically given to the aphoristic material, as though to sum-up or clarify, on a more philosophically intensive basis, what had been more discursively observed. Of course, there is more to it than that, and the author would be lying if he didn't also add that this title both refines upon and extends beyond previous works, thereby in a sense bringing this phase of his philosophy to a kind of ideological peak, beyond which he has no intention of going, since little or no progress could be made short of his adopting the philosophical equivalent of wings and flying off into space. That said, the implications of the title soon become clear, whether or not one agrees with its conclusions.

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