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Stinky Towers and the Flying Circus

98 pages1 hour


Dagger throwing clowns, ghostly granmas and a fortune teller predicting the death of your friend are all encountered as Emma Truffle tries to stop the evil plans of Baron von Stinkbomb once again.
The circus has come to town, but it's not all fun and games. Emma and her best friends must out smart the cruel circus owner and the Baron just to stay alive, but also to stop them completing their illegal deal.
Ginger, her horse riding, lion taming cat is there to guide her to safety. The latest spy technology is used to scare off the criminals and save her friends' lives.
During all the danger Emma finds a strange method for talking to the boy she has a crush on without making a complete fool of herself, but it does not end up as she hopes.
This hilarious, fast paced children's action adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat with fear, while at the same time laughing your head off.
Will Emma defeat the Baron once more or is she doomed to fail?

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