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Tom - An Urban Predator

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Appearing no different than an average man, he nicely blends in with his neighbours and co-workers. Although socially awkward at times, nobody takes notice of his peculiarities, but beneath his somewhat normal veneer resides a pulsating black heart, bent upon cruelty and domination. Like a predator in an urban jungle, driven by a sexually deviant and violent mind, he viciously violates unsuspecting women to satisfy his most vile of urges, unable and unwilling to curb his insatiable appetite.

Contains Adult content.

"If you're wanting to read horror fiction from a different perspective than the usual then this author is the one to go for. Brilliant!” Carrie White, Freelance Writer & Reviewer

“You've certainly got the knack of telling a well-written, spellbinding, pageturning story. You have to be commended for that, but your kind of story certainly chills to the bone! As long as the reader knows they're getting a bone-chiller, that's fine.” Patrick MacKeown, Author & Reviewer

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