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Thoughts, Dreams, and Affirmations

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Written by a preacher’s son, Thoughts is a collection of poems written as Willie R. Thomas passed through crossroads and exits in his life. Some of these poems are seventeen years old—while others are written more recently—but each and every word reflects love, pain, and Willie’s personal experience with faith. As a whole, the collection is dedicated to Willie’s father, the late Bishop Eddie Thomas, but each poem reaches out to touch and heart and soul of the reader. Feel the holy peace of “To the Sister:” To the sister, he said, “Hold fast, For God will wipe every tear.” To the sister, he said, “Stay strong, For God has guided you for years.” To the sister, he said, “It is okay. Your faith is true.” To the sister, he said, “Be joyful And not blue.” For the angel has taken flight, But he has not forgotten about you. Willie believes that words are one of the greatest tools God has given mankind.

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