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The Rabbit's Tale: A Tale for Children

125 pages1 hour


Tranquil woodland lives are turned topsy-turvy when Jowls, a malicious canine, is taken in at a nearby farm. The dog's violent upbringing plagues him making him the bane of farm and forest creatures. Encounters between Sebastian Rabbit and Jowls are hostile and trouble for the rabbit ensues. It’s a tale of flight and fright. The story’s climactic ending threatens animals and humans alike.
Meet such memorable characters as the rabbits, Sebastian and Mari, callous Jowls, the mouse and squirrel families, Mole, Toad and conniving Snake in this stirring page-turner of a tale written an audience of both young and old!
The Rabbit’s Tale demonstrates how vastly different adversaries can rally together to the well being of all.

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