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The Four Evers: The 4 Seasons' Connection

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The Four-Evers came on the New York City music scene in the mid-60s. Picked up by Bob Crewe, songwriter/producer of many of the Four Seasons' biggest hits, Crewe began molding them in the image of Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons. Despite a long list of exceptional records, they are remembered primarily for their one national hit, "Be My Girl," but what a great song it is! They would work closely at times with members of the Four Seasons as they continued to turn out excellent music. When they weren't recording their own records, they were often heard doing backup vocals for others, such as The Archies, Tracey Dey, Eddie Rambeau and many others. Read the interesting history behind this magnificent East Coast doo-wop group. A list of their records is included along with many of the songs on which they provided backup vocals. If you like vocal group music, you'll love The Four-Evers!

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