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The Support Group

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Margo Preistley, an award winning actress, at the peak of her career, had it all, until the day her daughter was brutally raped and murdered. Unable to face her loss, she attempts suicide, yet fails miserably, and is consequently ordered to attend a support group, for the families of victims of violent crime.

Unable to ignore a violent attack on a young woman, Margo decides to take action. She kills the assailant, but then watches helplessly as the victim, her only witness, flees the scene. Unable to legally justify her actions, Margo, and her now accomplice, Peta, leave the scene before the police arrive. Luckily, her companion knows someone within the group who can help them.

When yet another group member is placed in peril, the group decides to eliminate the threat. They soon realize that collectively, they have the ability, and means necessary to rectify any situation. Together, they can find, and punish, the very people responsible for securing their places, as members of
The Support Group.

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