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The Trip

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Lofty and his friends are true Londoners. He is asked by them to arrange a vacation, but they insist that the destination remains a secret. Being an adventurer at heart, Lofty arranges a trip to the mountains in Spain. The area is remote, and rarely sees human visitors. They are livid when they discover where they are going. Simon is shot dead by a rifle shot, and it soon becomes evident that the friends are being hunted.Eastern Europeans have paid a vast sum to hunt human prey.Simon's mobile contains some disturbing news for Lofty, who is an ex marine.He'd benefited from survival training so took the fight to the killers. They were dispatched by various methods. The friends are lost, and stumble across a cannabis farm way up in the mountains. They are captured and held. Lofty develops a bond with the boss of the gang, and is asked to stay. One of the friends dies, and the other is killed by the merciless boss. Lofty is asked to be the eyes and ears of the boss during his absence.

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