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Two-minute Tales

62 pages43 minutes


Two-Minute Tales is a fast-paced collection of flash fiction and short stories.

H. C. Heartland is a master of the short story. She captures emotion and heart in Father of a Bricklayer and Happy Hearts. She gives us a look into missionary life in Radio Walk. Ever wonder what happens when the lights go out in the library? Never Checked Out gives you a glimpse. And finally, she explores her heritage in A Thousand Voices Heard.

Rex Reeson’s debut features his clever writing style. See things from the perspective of a raindrop in Drip. Go on vacation with a group of fiddler crabs in Vahh Cahshun. Enjoy a good old ball game in Knuckleball, fight a cold in On the Ropes, and spend a day down in the trenches with Colt McGuiness.

B. B. Smith provides the scenario and calls on your imagination to fill in the blanks in Only One, Pass the Salt and Lost and Found. You’ll cheer for the husbandly hero in The List and sneer at the dastardly Malcolm. You may need to reread them when you get to the end.

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