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California Sixties Volume 1 1963-1966

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In 1963 Mark Bowman, just shy of his thirteenth birthday, is basically kidnapped by his family from his home in Houston and finds himself the only white boy in the Los Angeles Echo Park Barrio. His existence in trying to adjust to California, where he is an overweight, poorly dressed outcast, with no social skills and a Texas accent provides him with two years of hell in which he is bullied, robbed and constantly mocked. In 1965 his family moves to segregated Glendale, California. Taller, tanner and matured he makes friends rapidly. This is largely due to his employment as an apprentice to a forger, gun runner, counterfeiter and con artist who makes it possible for Mark to supply liquor and fake IDs. Missing his friends in Houston he returns alone on a Greyhound, rents a furnished room and finds out you cannot recover what's gone. His single re-acquaintance with a girl from his past ends in violence from which, at 15, he emerges as a man.

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