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Interracial Lovers: Volume 11

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Three steamy stories about beautiful white women and powerful black men coming together.

A bored suburban housewife. A tiny thong bikini. A big black cop. Handcuffs. What can go wrong?

When Helen Baker decides to try on a skimpy little bikini she doesn't realize how much trouble she's about to cause.

At first the bored suburban housewife decides to do some naughty sunbathing in her risqué bathing suit. But when she locks herself out of her own house she is dismayed by the presence of a large black cop who mistakes her for a burglar. Unable to cover herself, Helen is tossed into the squad car, exposed —and on the verge of tears.

Things become tricky for bikini-clad Helen when three more suspects are thrown into the backseat of the squad car. All three of them are male. All three of them are black. In order to fit, someone has to ride on someone else's lap.

Shocked yet thrilled by this experience, Helen's luck improves when the real burglar is caught! Her arresting officer offers to drive her back home. And since Helen's husband is away on business, the big black cop offers to inspect her home for intruders. Needing to explore her own dark desires, Helen finds herself losing control.

Mark is a confident, smart, dominant guy who enjoys teaching couples the pleasures of cuckolding. But one day he pisses off the wrong person --who decides to teach Mark what it's like to be sitting in the cuckold chair. The experience is meant to humiliate and sicken Mark. His wife is dressed in her nastiest lingerie. Her new lover is a large, well-endowed black man with stamina for days. But the longer Mark sits there, the more he learns that sometimes watching is better than participating.

Stuck in a sexual rut, a husband decides to surprise his wife by coming home early from a business trip. He's bringing her flowers, chocolates, and the news that he's finally ready to start a family!

But things aren't so simple. It turns out that his prim and proper wife has a deep secret. In college she dated a guy who used to videotape them having sex. And now, years later, this same man wants her to pay him cash in exchange for these tapes.

Coming to his wife's rescue, the husband agrees to go along and confront this blackmailing scumbag. He's not the kind of man who lets other people take advantage of his wife. But never in a million years would he have guessed that his wife's boyfriend was a large, bald, black man in his 50's! When the wife and the black man disappear together, the husband can't resist taking a look at their sex tape. At once the powerful images are seared into his brain, causing him to spiral down into a world full of twisted torments and dark pleasures.

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