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Loving Kindness: Developing Universal Consciousness

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Loving Kindness is about realizing one of our basic purpose, which is to live in peace and harmony with all forms of life in this universe. When we live in harmony, we develop universal consciousness and gain spiritual strength. This helps us to gain control and freedom. To help accomplish this goal, the book offers different spiritual pathways which all culminate in one source. The book is based on the teachings of ancient sages, saints and prophets. Loving Kindness can be practiced in our lives as we are performing our day to day activities. We don't have to allot a separate time to this practice. Some of the paths suggested are 1) Realize the three entities of our self, 2) Realize the worlds we live from moment to moment, 3) Create awareness of our self and our environment, 4) Practice Loving Kindness towards all beings in this universe, 5) Apply the wisdom as revealed in the sacred writings of various religions.

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