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The Abolition of Species

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1. Exciting hybrid of science fiction and literature.
2. Dietmar Dath is the winner of the 2009 and 2013 Kurd Lasswitz Prize, the equivalent of the Nebula Prize in Germany. The German author takes his place among such science fiction greats as Ursula K. Le Guin and Neal Stephenson, who have also been awarded the prize.
3. Short listed for the 2008 German Book Prize.
4. Playful, futuristic scenario where genetic engineering, string theory, telepathy and music are manipulated to save biological life from genocide and extinction.
5. Transcends typical gender norms with transsexual and trans-species eroticism.
6. Animal-human chimeras compete for survival with a run-away AI super-power from the Amazon, setting up exile colonies in a 'Noah's Ark' project and terraforming Mars and Venus after a bloody, genocidal war.
7. Posits an alternative narrative to Kurtzweil's idea of the inevitable (boring) 'Singularity' with a seemingly infinite number of recombinant life forms.
8. Offers readers of both traditional and genre literature an inventive, epic and lyrical piece of speculative fiction with far-reaching political implications.
9. Library Journal recommends to readers of Brian Aldiss, Samuel R. Delany, Carol Emshwiller, George R.R. Martin, and Frank Herbert.

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