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Chaos Theory: Grims' Truth, #3

445 pages6 hours


Everything that has happened, is happening, will happen again.

Shortly after the Royal Wedding, Hero and Fate return to Nex, prepared to fulfill their duties as the new rulers of Nitor. For the first time, they enter the Dreamscape, an inner realm full of broken memories, to uncover the truth about the murders and the perpetrator.

As they delve deeper into Hero’s past, their path appears more harrowing than they had imagined. With the truth comes great sacrifice and determination. Each door within the Dreamscape leads them closer to the answers they seek and the consequences of learning about the crimes that have been buried.

Evolved Publishing presents the third book in "Grims' Truth," a truly epic series that will sweep you into a whole new universe. [DRM-Free]

The "Grims' Truth" Series by Yin & Yang:

Book 1: Rota Fortunae Book 2: Conundrum Book 3: Chaos Theory Book 4: Prince of Shadows (October 2018) Book 5: Wiser (December 2018) Book 6: Soul of a Doll (March 2019)

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