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Faithful Entrepreneur: Faith & Business Series, #1

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A Faithful Entrepreneur is a Christian who has discovered their reason for being, and uses the gifts and talents God blessed them with to glorify the gift giver. A Faithful Entrepreneur doesn’t just have a business but finds a way to minister the love of Christ while doing business.

God has blessed His children with gifts, talents and witty inventions to build businesses that will earn money to support their families and help build of the kingdom of God. However, too many Christians have failed to follow the clues God sent them concerning ministry or business. I have learned a few things in my fifteen years as a Faithful Entrepreneur about God’s ability to direct His children in business, and prosper us as we follow His clues.

In this book, we will take on the meaning of faith as it relates to business and ministry. Thousands of would-be entrepreneurs give up each year after hitting one road block after the next, but when times get hard the Faithful Entrepreneur prays for direction and learns to switch gears in order to stay in business. This book will teach you how to trust God to prosper and grow your business the way He sees fit. It’s a faith journey… are you ready?

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