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How To Overcome Divorce

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How To Overcome Divorce... Get it off at once came into being as a result of in controllable rate of divorce in our society and the havoc it is causing to our collective values, in terms of physical, psychological and socioeconomic development and growth of our society. It is of two sections: The first section treated divorce; the causes of divorce, the effects and the consequences of divorce while, the second section proffers possible solutions to end marital crisis tending to divorce. Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage. It differs from state to state, and from country to country depending on the laws or traditions of a particular setting or enclave. It is different from marriage annulment that involves tedious processes to achieve. The later is practiced in some religious organization such as Roman Catholic in which the Vatican has the final say etc. Divorce was not in the original plan of God for couples; hence, our lord Jesus Christ reiterated that unless a wife is caught in the act of adultery, will her husband divorce her till death do them part.
Marriage being the only and also the oldest (as in the case of Adam and Eve) institution established by God on earth, has its own laid down procedures and expectations from the prospective partners in order to enjoy the dividends of marriage. Couple’s inability to follow these standard practices ordained by God, are the reasons for the uncontrollable escalation of divorce in our society today. In other words, people are now marrying because of mundane things of life but not out of sincere love. People also marry in order to satisfy their sexual urge. Thereby, throwing off board the purpose in which marriage was designed by God.
In addendum, efforts are being put in place by the governments and world Organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to enact laws for the sole aim of mitigating the rate of divorce among couples. For instance, the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1990 of the Federal Government of Nigeria was formulated to nib divorce in the bud but lacks strict compliance, mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria, where Sharia laws are effective etc. Types of divorce and the one obtainable in Nigeria were briefly discussed.
However, couples resort to divorce as an alternative way of getting rid of their troublesome marriages based on myriad reasons; sex, addictions, domestic violence, childlessness to mention but a few.
Similarly, divorce has done more harm than it’s solving in the society, state, country and the continent at large. Different societies are associated with a peculiar type of havoc wrecked by exacerbating rate of divorce. Psychological trauma, socioeconomic downturn and academic imbalance are associated with divorce.
In conclusion, several measures have been suggested which when adopted, are likely productive in curbing divorce and its menace and also placing couples on the road to actualizing fulfilled married lives. In other words, they will also serve as guidelines to a prospective couple. How To Overcome Divorce... By nourishing your marital vow always will surely do the magic in keeping you abreast with your marital vows till death parts you.

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