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Ganged by the Daddies Next Door: Four on One

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If there's one thing Amanda learned from her first year in college, it's that she has a thing for older men.

She likes their experience. The way they treat her and touch her and make her feel. She likes that they're old enough to be her father.

And now she's home alone for the summer. Across the street is where her friend Molly lives. But she's not home yet. Her dad, John, is though. He's a fireman. And Amanda thinks he's the reason she wants older men so much.

Now she can't think about anything but having him and fulfilling that ultimate desire. Except that tonight is poker night and John isn't home alone after all. He has three of his fireman buddies with him, all about his age.

Amanda can't wait any longer. Why have one guy when you can have four?

So she goes across the street intending to have a night none of them will ever forget.

Warning: this story is for readers 18+ only!

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