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Sweet Revenge & Gas Station Sushi

Length: 110 pages1 hour


Greer parked himself cross legged in the grass and the dirt beside Ruth's chair, taking the bottle and tipping back another half of the remaining contents. "Tastes like crap."

"Really? Because I thought it was suppose to taste like everlasting matrimony," slurred Ruth.

When you have been left by the alter what can you do? Do you cry, drown your sorrows, move away, pick a fight, seek revenge, or all of the above? In Cricket Elleson's debut, cozy romance novel you will have the opportunity to travel through the comedic roller coaster of Ruth Beirs' journey from jilted lover to finding her hero. With the help of her childhood, next door neighbor, readers will enjoy the unconventional steps she takes to get over what she imagined the perfect relationship was and move into a romance she never dreamed of.

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