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John Lewis is The Chosen One

Length: 271 pages4 hours


John Lewis seems to be an ordinary schoolboy in Book 1. Then a mysterious force influences him to go to Glastonbury on Mid Summers Day where he picks up Old One's Magic. His witch cousin, Sybil Robinson, knows she has magic even if he doesn’t know and she protects him for 364 days. The next Mid Summers Day he touches magic standing stones which are a portal to an alternate country. This is a story about magic, where he learns he is a powerful wizard; can talk to dragons and save a princess from an evil magician
Dragon time means he has aged, but the clock hadn’t changed from June 21st 1948.
Sybil Robinson was never an ordinary schoolgirl. She knew from an early age her destiny was to become the leader of the Shipton coven of witches. What she didn’t know was that her extraordinary intelligence would help scientists at the secret Bletchley Park to crack the Enigma Code. As a reward, she works with Alan Turing the father of modern computing and keeps an eye on her cousin John Lewis.
Book 2 sees John being influenced again by the mysterious force to go back through the standing stones. In a pre-Roman Britain, he saves Boudicca’s life a number of times, interprets dreams for Celtic witch Ursula Shipton. She starts up the Shipton coven to protect the magic bloodline from the Romans. At Runnymede, he defeats a rogue magician who wants to change history. On his return, he finds out that his witch cousin Sybil Robinson can also read the signs left by the mysterious force.

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