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Asking for Trouble

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What could be the similarities between the lives of two women, one of them belonging to 2015 and another from the year 1942.
Ankita Marathe, a kick ass, go-getter, modern, Independent and new- age woman who successfully runs her ‘Web designing and graphics’ business. At 37, she had survived a bad marriage and betrayal of her husband of 2 years and post-divorce another failed romantic relationship. So now she is searching for the true meaning of relationships & she concludes that she needs someone of her own, who will not leave her in the middle of the road. Like having her own child.
She faces a breakup with her current boyfriend in the process of convincing him of letting her have his child, although she was keeping him off the hook of marriage and responsibility of raising the child.
Maya Marathe, her paternal granny, who turns 18 years old in 1942, is caught up in the web of traditions and restrictions imposed on her by her family& her community, directly or indirectly. She is doomed with the prospect of a traditional marriage which is looming in front of her like a threat and no one is bothered with the fact that she is not interested in this marriage but in fact wants to pursue further education.
So, what could be the possible thread to bond these two women who belong to different generations with a gap of almost 70 years separating them from each other and had different upbringings except for the fact that they both belong to the same family.
Maybe it’s the bond of being women or maybe it’s their quest of finding answers to their existence...So will they find their answers? Or will there be more questions? Or will their journey will lead them to know the meaning of their existence......"

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