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The Havnotts Plus a Hav

Length: 183 pages2 hours


So, here they are. Their loves, their dislikes and the fact they’re funny when it’s least appropriate. I bet that sounds familiar. It’s a family of giant men with giant attitudes and their much smaller female counterparts with their giant attitudes. There’s a meeting, a wedding, another meeting and...well...a problem arises. There’s a man of large ego with an evilness about him and the money to push others to do his bidding, whether they want to or not. One tries to flee him and finds the Havnott family prepared to do anything to keep her safe, especially Rod, this turns out to be beneficial for Man as well. Those very preparations turn out quite alluring for a few more of the siblings.
It all leads the family into a near war against the rich egotistical bastard and his sycophants. With a small section of the Havnott house being destroyed, the close in part of the ranch becomes a militarized zone. Particular friends of the Havnott sons are being called in for duty. They are more than happy to accommodate their friends, for them, this will be like a vacation on a dude ranch.
I’ve thrown everything I could think of into this story, including the kitchen sink, so to speak. There’s more here than what I’ve just described so, read it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. That was my intention.

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