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What Did Jesus Do? (WDJD)



Wherever Jesus went, people followed. Jesus was always surrounded by those people who were considered "freaks" and geeks" by the Pharisees. These people needed hope because no one else would take the time to help them. Jesus did, though. He wanted to show the ordinary people, the geeks and the freaks, that God cared for each one of them. Jesus always made time for these people who felt that there was no hope that God would look at them, smile, and tell them, "I Love You" and "I know that you are hurting", "Come to me and I will give you hope". This is what made the Pharisees soooo angry. Jesus was wasting His energy and time on those who were considered the "real" sinners of the Jewish people, rather than spending time with the Pharisees, talking about deep spiritual issues.

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