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Flirt: A Dark Bad Boy Romance: Hidden Lust Trilogy, #1

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Flirt is book 1 of the Hidden Lust Trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Tease and Seduce, are available everywhere now!​

It takes a perfect bastard to ruin a perfect life.

Wesley Sykes was everything I was taught to stay away from – cocky, foul-mouthed, and living in perpetual sin. He looked the part, too, with broad shoulders wrapped in a leather jacket and a smile designed by the Devil himself.

And now he’s moving in…to my perfect, religious household.

All my life I had been the good girl. Wes warned me he was no good, and every time I wanted to get too close, he reminded me of who he was. I wanted to hate him for it, but I couldn’t. Every time he said no just made me want him even more, and no matter how many times I laid in bed, dreaming of his hands on me, it was never enough. I had to try it.

So I did.

Just once, I promised myself. But once temptation finally won, once wasn’t enough for either of us. There's no turning back now. I'm just praying that no one ever finds out about the things he’s done to my body when no one was looking.

But under this roof, nothing ever stays secret for long…

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