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PHP Programming for Beginners: Key Programming Concepts. How to use PHP with MySQL and Oracle databases

319 pages1 hour


Want to build an interactive website using PHP with MySQL or the Oracle database? This book is for you, even if you are new
to computer programming. In this book, you will learn key programming concepts that are essential for any programming
language, and also find practical solutions that can be used for your own website.
The book includes instructions for installation of Apache web server, PHP, MySQL database, and Oracle Express Edition
database. This book provides many tips for using MySQL and the Oracle database. The code examples include access to MySQL
using MySQLi and PDO; access to Oracle using OCI and PDO; Oracle stored procedures, and PHP code to execute Oracle stored
It also contains SQL statement for creating tables, SQL queries for select, insert, update and delete records, and commands
to manage MySQL and the Oracle database. It includes 80 screen shots.
The responsive website source code (HTML, CSS, PHP), with the user registration is included in file
as a free bonus.

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