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The New Me

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Why did I decide, I had to change my life? This short book reveals my painstaking journey from food addictions, Crohn’s disease, natural weight loss and many other complications. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? When will you become the new you?
While fighting an incurable disease, I knew I had to lose weight without surgery. The psychological battle of natural weight loss is huge. Mine was a journey to conquer morbid obesity and the trials of life. In this volume, you will learn why you must face the psychological battle of weight loss long before you start calorie counting and workouts. What will you do to become the new you?
Charles Budd is an eighteen-year veteran of Law Enforcement. His training includes certification as Mental Health Officer and trainer for Crisis intervention in Law Enforcement. He has an Associates of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice. He is also an ordained Christian Minister with the Christian National Church. Although he is not an expert on weight loss, he has conquered morbid obesity and lost 200 pounds in less than three years. This is his journey to The New Me.

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