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Croatia: A Beginners Guidebook To Traveling And Seeing Croatia To The Fullest And Having Fun!

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One of the most overlooked European travel destinations is Croatia. It is a place with over 1200 various islands, waters that are a very deep blue, and villages and towns that are riddled with history. It’s no wonder why people come here from all over the place. It’s becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destinations, and with the reopening of the country to travelers a little under thirty years ago, travelers are starting to go to this location not just because of the historical spots, but also the national parks and gorgeous beaches. It entered the European Union in 2013, allowing more American travelers to come to it. it’s a great place to navigate, and in this book, you’ll learn of the top beginner spots to check out, why they are, and some tips to help you with where you should go. By the end of this, you’ll know exactly why it’s imperative to check out this gorgeous country, what it means for you as a traveler, along with what you should do and not do when it comes to visiting Croatia. It’s a gorgeous place, and this guide will fit you with the information that you need to have the best vacation possible

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