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Purpose Power Secrets

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There is more to life than having educational qualifications, working in a multinational company, getting married and having children, building mansions and having the latest cars. There is more to life than heaping up money in the bank and having all manner of chieftaincy titles. Having all of these things is not what gives us meaning in life; they are just part of what God designed for us to have on earth. But to have meaning in life is to discover God's purpose for creating us; to locate the reason why we were sent to this world.

Nothing can be compared with God's purpose discovered and pursued by His creature. We are all products of divine purpose and until that purpose is discovered and pursued, there can not be any meaningful existence on earth.
God created all things; man, animal, plant and other things to add value to life. But value is provoked and released within the context of the purpose for which God created us.

God's perspective of success is directly opposite the world's definition of success. For instance, the world sees a successful man as one that has money in multimillion or multibillion; houses, cars, plenty of children, political position, chieftaincy title etc. That may be true to some level only if the man is living within the context of God's purpose for his life; because God's definition of success, which is the most authentic definition is for a man to live his life according to God's purpose for him with or without all those things mentioned above. 

We need to understand that what we possess in life is not what defines our values. Real life and effective living on earth is defined by your discovery and pursuit of divine purpose; it is by your correct positioning with God's ordained plan for your life.

As a student of life issues, I have seen multibillionaires who rather than add value have contributed to a lot of evils in the world with the money they have. This is because material and financial possessions not utilized in line with divine purpose become sources of crisis in the world.

We have heard of civil and political wars in recent times in different nations of the world as a result of selfish ambitions of political leaders who have turned governance to an institution for amassing wealth for selfish interests. If these people had chosen to discover and pursue divine purpose even as political leaders, they would have added great value to life instead of becoming perpetrators of evil in their nations leading to the death of thousands of their own citizens. 

You are born to add value to life by finding meaning for your life through divine purpose. Do not misjudge yourself; you carry a heavenly mandate on your life and you cannot afford to go to the grave without fulfilling that divine mandate here on earth.

This book is the outcome of the discovery of God's purpose for my life after years of intense study and search for meaning in life. When I found it, I determined not to die with God's purpose unfulfilled and His potentials in me unreleased. I decided that I will not add to the wealth in the cemetery of the world. I chose to make my own contributions to life by a tireless pursuit of His purpose for me as I help others in discovering what heaven has deposited in them before the foundation of the world.

Friend, you may look like nobody now, but understand that everyone who became 'somebody' today were sometimes ago a 'nobody'. The truth about you is that, you can make a difference in the world by discovering and pursuing your purpose. When you find your unique assignment in life, you are on your way to adding value to your world.
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