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Ahab's Legacy

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In the early 1930s, World War II is on the verge of taking over Europe; and Rudi Levin, aware of his Jewish heritage and the sinister motives of the Nazi threat, comes up with an underground plot to save Jewish artefacts and artworks from thieving hands to preserve his culture and hopes to provide a safety net for his children in the future. He’s almost certain that the war will blow over quickly, and his nest egg will be safe from Nazi intrusion.

Flora MacLeod, recently made a widow, takes up residence in Wellington, New Zealand and tries to make an honest business running Maximes Hotel during war-time. She finds herself at loss on how to make a substantial profit when tourism is at an all-time low and the general population are strapped for cash. That is, until she realises that a host of female clientele can bring in a whole new swarm of customers for her ‘honest business’...

Katrin is on her way to New Zealand as a young refugee, sent away from England’s cities as the blitz is deemed too dangerous for children. On her journey, she meets military men and kindly strangers who may prove to be life-long friends, but how long can friendships last in a world that’s in such peril?

An intricate tapestry of lives entwine together in Ahab’s Legacy, which features a broad host of characters dealing with the hardships of the world throughout the twentieth century. Some prosper, some meet unfortunate fates and World War II and its consequences severely affect the fates of everyone in the ensemble.

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