The Spiritscape Chronicles Short Stories

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The Spiritscape Chronicles Short Stories

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Praetorac is the second short story in The Spiritscape Chronicles. This adventure occurs immediately following the conclusion of the first Spiritscape novel: Angelcide. Zeke, the hunter angel, and Arino, the healing angel, have a new assignment. Darius, a human spirit, has discovered a way to remain on Earth, but has become a parasite living off the the spirits of others. Zeke and Arino must find this spirit - one of the rare Praetorac - to save humans from appetite. There is one problem. The Praetorac can hide from angels and this one is hiding in 1944 at Normandy, France. As war rages around them, the angels must save a precious human and capture the elusive Darius. It's just another work day for the angels.

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