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A Quest in Darkness

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Alec was about twenty miles away from a city called Gargus. He wasn’t sure if he was heading there and planned to make the decision when he got a little closer. For now, he slumped in the shade of a palm tree, which was just one such tree in a copse of a few hundred similar. It was peaceful here, with surprisingly lush grass underfoot and a happy little brook which babbled away to itself in the near vicinity. All in all, something of a tropical paradise, Alec thought to himself as he reached across to his backpack, wherein he knew there to be a pie and a leather skin of warm water.

“Hello, what’s this?” he asked himself under his breath as he reached into his pack.

Within, there was something unexpected. It was not a peculiarly-large insect, but a small, folded square of paper.

Follow Alec and his companion Viddo Furtive on a dark adventure to the world beneath.

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