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Best Marriage Ever: 40 Days of Praying for Your Husband

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A wife who prays for her husband is not the same as one who doesn’t. A marriage that is prayed for is not the same as one that is not. Interventions and changes happen; marriages are upgraded through a praying wife.

This pray for your husband book is written in a simple format that will help you to pray for your husband from head to toe. You will pray for blessings over your marriage, yourself and your husband. This book is more than a pray for your husband head to toe book. You will see transformation in your marriage as a result of prayer intervention, blessing and seed sowing.

The busyness and noises of our daily lives can make it seem impossible to experience and happy and fulfilling marriage, we are surrounded by evidence that marriages are being restored, many couples are happily married and God at work restoring relationships.

Whether you already pray for your marriage or you are just starting, this book has been written in a simply fashion that will help you to channel your prayers in praying for your husband to be the husband after God, the man after His heart.

Best Marriage Ever: 40 Days of Praying for your Husband, by B. Merrily is a literal prayer book. This is not an informational or educational book teaching you how you can pray for your husband, but this is a prayer book that literally has the suggested prayers that you can use when praying for your husband.

Over the next forty days of prayer, you will open a new page to a prayer for your husband, an encouragement message that you can say to him and a special note for you.

This 40 day prayer challenge is a real gift for any family. Use this prayer for a better marriage and you will soon reap the fruits of the prayer. This pray for your husband book is a love challenge bundle.

When you pray for your husband spiritual walk, you are praying for his identity. When you pray over his role as a leader, you are praying for his influence over your family. Pray for his personal faith and security, pray for courage and strength to carry on.
Through the use of this book, you will experience the power of a praying wife. Your prayers will not go unheard. He is listening to you.

This book will help you to save you marriage, improve your relationship with your husband, be the change you want to see in your marriage, reconnect you and your husband despite circumstances.

If you are up for it and you know other women who might do with a better marriage, consider starting a small group with two or three other women and start your 40 days of prayer small group. You will experiences wonders beyond expression.

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