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Halcyon Days (NHB Modern Plays)

88 pages32 minutes


An uplifting, bittersweet drama set in a nursing home, celebrating friendship and the human spirit.

A nursing-home conservatory. Sean sits alone, abandoned to his memories. In storms Patricia, a feisty woman with a zest for life and for handsome men in wheelchairs. A wary intimacy develops between the two, an unforeseen relationship, by turns charming and combative, tender and funny.

Infused with wry humour and humanity, Deirdre Kinahan's Halcyon Days is a celebration of our quest for meaning in even the most seemingly hopeless of circumstances.

'a touching drama... what distinguishes Kinahan's play - what gives it its pulse - is its finely-drawn characters' - The Irish Times

'straightforwardly honest and touching... there's a wonderful balance between humour and poignancy here, and even within the humour, a rich blend of both unintentional hilarity and insightful wit' -

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