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Herpes Simplex Virus

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Do you have herpes? Does your partner? Are you sexually active, and want to understand the best possible way to minimize your risks of contracting this sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

Receiving a herpes simplex diagnosis does not have to be the end of the world. This is definitely devastating news. It can come as a shock to some people, catching them totally off guard. Perhaps you have known for a while that your sexual behavior was risky, but you have always been lucky, and unfortunately, that luck has come to an end.

You are probably wondering ...

• What happens now?

• How did this happen?

• Will this lead to other health problems?

• Will I ever be able to have sex again?

• What will my partner/spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend think?

• Am I a bad person? I thought only prostitutes and people who had sex with lots of partners got herpes and other STDs.

If for whatever reason you or someone you love has been diagnosed with herpes, you should immediately understand there are some serious health issues which could arise from complications of this infection. This is definitely not a health problem to be ignored. It certainly won't go away on its own, as the herpes simplex virus is a lifetime partnership with its host.

However, managed properly, which means a combination of particular lifestyle practices, dietary habits and traditional medicine, herpes need be nothing more than a medical condition which is easily treated and managed.

Most people with herpes either don't know they have it, or they are too embarrassed to see a doctor or healthcare professional about the problem. Because herpes flares up and then goes away for extended periods of time, some people lie to themselves, and tell themselves that this issue is not that serious.

Look at the list of complications just mentioned, and you will see this is definitely not something you want to take for granted. Besides, how would you like your inaction or ignoring attitude to cause this emotionally and physically debilitating condition to be passed to a loved one, or to your newborn child?

Ignorance is not the answer. Tackling the problem with proven herpes prevention and maintenance tips is the answer.

Aside from the physical health problems the herpes simplex virus can create, low self-esteem, embarrassment, shame and a withdrawal from society are frequent emotion-based symptoms. When you understand how to treat and manage your condition holistically and naturally, you get from relief from those emotional issues, as well as the following benefits.

• Fewer flareups.

• Improved self-esteem.

• Less visible symptoms.

• A healthier sex life.

• Lower risk of contracting HSV from your infected partner, or a lower chance that you will pass the virus to someone else.

• Fewer emotional ups and downs attached to your herpes infection.

• Better overall health and wellness, because of the smart nutrition habits you will learn.

When you know natural lifestyle and dietary practices you can follow to minimize the impact of herpes, this infection doesn't need to ruin your life, emotionally or physically.

That is why we have created this special book titled titled ...

Herpes Simplex Virus: A Holistic Approach to Managing HSV

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