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A Cup of Death: A Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery, #9

204 pages5 hours


A Break in at Ragged Rest... A Dead Man at the Door... Another Mystery to Solve...

After returning home from her chaotic weekend away, Miranda Wylder discovers that her home has been burgled. But, the intruder did not steal any of her possessions... 

The only thing that was taken were a few pages from an old police report concerning her Aunt Connie's disappearance. 

Clearly, Miranda isn't the only one interested in what became of her aunt. 

But who else could be?

Someone involved in Connie's disappearance, perhaps?

And as if that isn't enough...

A strange man turns up on Miranda's doorstep claiming he has something he wants to confess to her but then drops down dead before he can.

Was he the person who broke into Ragged Rest? Had he known something about Connie's disappearance?
What could it possibly all mean?

Miranda and Jack must untangle all of the threads in this mystery to find the answer and maybe in the process they will discover what happened to Aunt Connie.

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