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Speaks the Blue Jay: A Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery, #8

202 pages7 hours


It had been a perfect camping weekend until...
While returning home from their little getaway, Miranda, Jack and friends discover the body of a dead man on a dried lake bed in the middle of nowhere.

How did the man die? 

Jack discovers bruising around his neck which suggests the man was strangled.

Needing backup, and having no mobile phone service, they backtrack to a little country house that they'd recently passed, to use their landline phone. 

What they discover is that the house is the rundown Blue Jay Bed and Breakfast. The deceased man had been staying there along with an eclectic group of guests who have now become suspects.

Can Jack and Miranda solve the mystery before the culprit gets away?

Speaks the Blue Jay is the eighth installment in the Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery series. If you like paranormal cozy mysteries then you will love this book by K.J. Emrick and Kathryn De Winter!

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