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Under the Long White Cloud: Adam Park, #6

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A dead campaigner. Two grieving families. A detective partnership who cannot quit.

After a turbulent couple of years, private investigator Adam Park may have finally discovered a place to settle down and pursue his desire to help those less fortunate than himself: New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud. A big part of his choice to quit traveling is his new partner: long-time friend Jess, who helps tame the dark impulses that have driven him in the past.

But when a client dies just days after engaging the pair, both are curious. When it starts to look a lot like suicide, the client's estranged widow begs them to delve deeper into the man's past. And it is a past filled with desperate actions, fake identities, and paranoia. And that paranoia brought the dead man into conflict with a major corporation.

When Adam and Jess latch onto the corporation's activities in the small mountain town of Shelly Hill, they start to ask the same questions their client did: why is a subsidiary buying up land so quickly? Why are corporate executives working closely with a brutal drugs gang? And how far will they go to protect their interests?

Under the Long White takes a man trying to change and puts his resolve to the test, pushing him to the very limits of his willpower, both emotionally and physically.

For a fast paced international thriller in the beautiful setting of New Zealand, pick up the sixth Adam Park novel today.


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