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Ice Dragons, An Archer Adventure, Book 9

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While on a visit to Water, Archer and Aradia learn that Palori's guard has traveled to Balycon and kidnapped Pazia, the children’s teacher, from Balycon's temple. While searching for Pazia, Orcan discovers Pacion is missing as well. But when King Ichos tours the frozen kingdom to determine why Chion wants Skye’s teacher, Marcoli's crystal ball discovers a dragon horde has created a lair in a cave outside the city. Did Chion send his guard for Pazia because he needs her skills to provide food to keep him and his loyal subjects alive?

While King Ichos is focused on rescuing Pazia, Archer asks permission to return to Balycon to look for his teacher and mentor. Instead of sending Archer home, his father suggests Archer visit his gardens and try to calm down. When King Ichos determines Archer and Aradia have the skills to save Chion's kingdom from the white dragons, Archer is forced to begin his first journey without the help and advice of his closest friend. Tasked with protecting Chion's people and removing the dragons from the earth sea, Archer and Aradia travel to Chion's haven outside the city to convince the tyrant king they didn’t come to rescue Pazia, they've come to stop the dragons from attacking his kingdom and remove the beasts from the earth sea.

Chion isn’t about to let Archer and Aradia leave his haven alive until his mother tells Chion how Archer saved them from the storm that destroyed Lemandia and brought them to the frozen sea. Because there are too many dragons for his guard, Chion relents but keeps Pazia and Aradia under armed guard and orders an escort to take Archer to Palori to attempt the impossible.

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