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Spaced-Out: Baby's Final LSD Trip

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"Spaced-Out: Baby's Final LSD Trip"

     You don't have to be Jewish to empathize with "Baby," a 10-year-old boy who, salivating over a comic book containing titillating panels of Wonder Woman's breasts, learns his GI father has been killed during a World War 2 battle.

     This shocking news, as well as learning about the Nazi extermination of Six Million Jews, converts the now-adult Baby's quest for comfort into a path resulting in alcohol, LSD and murder. However, his drug-induced euphoria continues to haunt this search for love. Wherever he goes realistic visions of Nazis constantly follow him.

     Judith, an editor of a singles dating magazine, rescues Baby from the streets of New York City, nurturing him in an attempt to unlock his fantasies and return him to reality. But by doing so, Baby's paranoia and guilt are accentuated.

     How would you react if you were thrown into a miraculous "ripped from the headlines event"? Baby and Judith become participants in that world-shattering event and nearly learn the truth. But what is that truth?

     Read "Spaced-Out: Baby's Final LSD Trip," now; a novella thriller with historical overtones that you will definitely want to finish in one-sitting  Written by Ohio State Bar Association award-winning journalist and former NBC News editor Don Canaan, he and associate Tessa Osborne merge you directly into Baby's mind, an abyss where you experience his life, his desires and his hurts

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