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Rivermist III: Starborn

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Long ago, a sorcerer split Phant in two. The day was stretched to match the year, and a Wall was built to separate the light from the dark. A Spire and the city of Maie-rin surrounding it were dreamt into place beneath the Seat of the Sun to house a rift in time and space, a tear that has the potential to pull stone rain from the skies.

The only Elders who knew how to slow its progression were the ancient celestial Radael and his partner Illaile, but they left their bodies long ago, leaving behind only echoes of their memories. The reborn Elders of the present have been exiled into forced stasis for centuries, awakening near the end of the world with their powers stripped, their Oracle gone, and no way to escape the planet in time. The last two Elders to awaken in the vault are unrecognizable and have no reliable memories of their own.

Before the exile, the one called the Starborn had a pendant that could unlock a celestial path at the end of the world. With the Starborn no where to be found and no less than two copies of his pendant to puzzle over, the Elders must look to the pasts in order to have a future. The rift in the Spire is expanding unabated and what may be multiple Oracles of Daki are working against them at every turn; the end of Phant may be upon them far sooner than anticipated.

Someone still peers from the rift in the Spire.

Rivermist is a series that follows a family of souls as they incarnate throughout time on different planets, planes and dimensions. Steeped in philosophy, mysticism, and magic, these are the stories of amnesiac creators wandering the cosmos in attempt to remember what they really are.

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