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Business Confidential: Lessons for Corporate Success from Inside the CIA

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A critical figure in America’s Cold War intelligence operations, Peter Earnest knows the surprising similarities between what the Central Intelligence Agency does to coordinate operations and protect the country and what any smart organization can do to protect its bottom line. Now, in this unprecedented book, he’s partnering with bestselling author Maryann Karinch to demonstrate what you and your organization can learn from how the CIA does business. Filled with fascinating and instructive examples from CIA operations and the business world, Business Confidential offers insights into the Agency’s extraordinary screening, testing, and training practices; methods for supporting employee retention; creative and agile problem-solving strategies; and methods for establishing mission-focused outcomes. You’ll learn skills like how to build trust, communicate clearly, work as a team, make tough decisions, succeed in both friendly and hostile territory, and--sometimes--cut your losses.Rather than drawing from restrictive blueprints, the book vividly illustrates the value of the intelligence mindset in today’s unpredictable corporate landscape. With insider strategies from one of the world’s smartest intelligence organizations, you’ll be equipped with the intel you need to propel your team to success.

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