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The Market-Driven Supply Chain: A Revolutionary Model for Sales and Operations Planning in the New On-Demand Economy

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Using a sophisticated approach that unifies the three key areas of supply chain strategies, sales and operations planning (SOP), and lean manufacturing, The Market-Driven Supply Chain is the only book that takes a comprehensive approach to succeeding in today’s on-demand environment. You’ll learn how to keep pace with accelerating service demands and response times by: using robust analytics for conducting value segmentations and simulation analyses, developing a customer-centric culture and a collaborative organizational structure, dynamically rebalancing the inventory mix to improve capacity and reduce costs, and retooling twenty-six management processes to achieve market-savvy SOP. Customer demands for individual attention and specialized products are transforming commerce at every stage--including the supply chain. But achieving successful sales processes is not as daunting as it sounds. With ample tools, tips, and case studies, this practical yet expansive book helps organizations ensure those at the end of their supply chain--the customers--remain loyal.

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