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In the Shadow of the Dragon: The Global Expansion of Chinese Companies--and How It Will Change Business Forever

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That China has long dominated the lower end of the US manufacturing industry is old news. But authors Winter Nie and William Dowell enlighten readers to the looming reality that China’s extending global reach now threatens to squeeze out higher-end manufacturing markets, too--including technology, financial services, transportation, and energy. From the cost-efficiency of the Chinese marketplace, to the country’s strong business relationships and more efficient, fast-paced economy, to the enormous scale of China’s manufacturing industry, this emerging multinational powerhouse poses fierce competition to US manufacturers. Based on interviews with Chinese business leaders and original case studies, In the Shadow of the Dragon is provides meticulously researched exposés of the most competitive companies in China, including profiles of key players, insights into subtle yet powerful strategies used to gain market dominance, an understanding of the Chinese approach to going global, and an analysis of the Chinese way of innovation. In a world where only the best and quickest can survive, you’ll learn when it’s time to compete head-to-head and when you should choose instead to form alliances with Chinese partners. Part primer, part survival guide, In the Shadow of the Dragon lays bare China’s perspective and vision of the world to help the West respond more strategically.

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