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What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation: Connecting the Corner Office to the Front Line

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In this insightful book about how sales incentives drive business, Mark Donnolo applies years of firsthand knowledge as a leading sales effectiveness consultant for Fortune 500 companies to address the tough questions leaders should be asking. Featuring real lessons from the field and valuable thought models, What Your CEO Needs to Know about Sales Compensation enlightens readers about how miscomprehension at the higher levels leads to fundamental misalignments between sales strategy and organizational goals. Insights from C-level executives showcase that the way a company designs its sales compensation program has a greater impact on behavior and results than any sales training, sales management method, or leadership message. Most tangibly, the book’s expert Revenue Roadmap identifies the four major competency areas and sixteen related disciplines that must connect for an organization to grow profitably. By striking a happy balance between overcompensation and under compensation, your sales plan will gain the momentum needed to power the performance of the entire business.

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