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Redefining Operational Excellence: New Strategies for Maximixing Perforamnce and Profits Across the Organization

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When will companies learn? You cannot fire and budget-slice your way to sustainable growth. Our world is too complex, too interconnected, and technology too quick-evolving for organizations to achieve dramatic results simply by eliminating waste and increasing standardization. Maybe these methods worked before--occasionally--but not anymore. Redefining Operational Excellence boldly claims that the old ways of hunkering down and refocusing the business strategies are no longer viable. Operational excellence is about a mindset, and a company culture that questions current models and focuses not on slashing and subtracting but on adding value, making improvements, and increasing speed. This groundbreaking guide covers it all--processes, people, and operations--and shares specific strategies to:• Drive innovation and collaboration• Engage customers• Attract and retain top people• Align strategy and execution• Optimize speed• And moreOperational excellence is about finding money and performance boosts in hidden areas businesses don't normally look. With this indispensable, all-encompassing resource, you’ll discover where!

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