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Clone - The Lost Chapters (Book #3)

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Would you sacrifice love for a greater cause?
After months on the run, Olivia has changed forever, but even more than she, the clone she’s fallen in love with has transformed, and not for the better. Buried deep inside Axel is a different personality, one he only shows when he is handed power. He’s got that now and much more. Axel is convinced Olivia is his reason for living, and he will do anything to hold onto her and the freedom he’s won—no matter the cost.
Marcus Axis has found his wife, and letting go is the last thing he plans to do. The forced marriage is one of many problems coming to the surface after the clone uprising, and Olivia has no idea if he’s after total control of Aeropia, or if he speaks the truth when he tells her he wants a family, and he wants it with her. He’s certain she’s the only way to heal a fractured country, but is she?
Torn between the clone of her past and a man who could change the future by fusing Aeropia back together, Olivia is determined to make the right choice for her people this time, even if heart desires something else.

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