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Living in Cyprus: 2017

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In September 2018 it will be the 10th anniversary of my wife and I moving to Cyprus from Britain, with our two trusty dogs, Harvey and Holly. In that time I started writing about what life is like as a Brit living in Cyprus. Today I publish my fifth book in the series, Living in Cyprus. In more than five years of writing about Cyprus I would never have believed how popular these books would be. Even more astonishing is how popular 'A Pat on his Back' is, which is my book about our move to Cyprus and the initial culture shock that ensued.
There is always something that marks the passing of another year and this year has been as much about problems created beyond our control, that is Brexit and at the same time day-to-day problems of a more personal nature. Some things you can easily write about, others are more difficult because you don't want to offend others. So, suffice to say, there's a sequel to 'A Pat on his Back' in the pipeline, called 'A Place in the Shade' which will deal with the nuances of working in an environment which can sometimes feel like a session at the United nations.

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